Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Working in the Field, SBA Assignment 10

It has been a while since my last post.  This assignment was a lot of work as there were so many different subjects to study and paint.  Focusing can be a challenge in the middle of summer as there are so many things going on  that cause distraction.

I want to get out and enjoy the sun and our very short northern summer.  However at the same time I need to keep working on my paintings and get the course work finished.  Not to worry as apparently autumn has arrived here now.  The temperature dropped from 30 degrees celsius to 10 degrees in a matter of days.  I went from not being able to sleep due to the heat to putting flannel sheets on the bed.

I hope you like the painting, it is crazy how long it took me to do.  Though I have to remember this is a learning process and every time I finish a painting I look at it and think, now I could do a whole bunch of things better.  Of course time does not allow for it and that is part of the learning process. All the more reason to be excited about the skills I will have gained when I complete the course and get my diploma.

From top left going clockwise, Indian Paintbrush, Soapberry, Saskatoon Berry Blossoms, Wild Rose, Wild Rose Hip,  Pineapple Weed dissections -  horizontal cross-section of flower head, lateral view of leaf, and lateral view of root, Pineapple Weed shown in its natural  soil medium and litter layer, and finally Creamy Peavine.


  1. Hey! Long time no blog. Hope things are going well and you're enjoying the fall. I'm sure you're finding a lot of artistic inspiration with the changing seasons!

    1. Hi Holly, lovely to hear from you! Yes I am so inspired by all the fall changing colours now, and I just moved to southern BC so now I do not have to brave the 7 month long northern winter/spring!!! I am so excited already there are so many thing that I can paint and even now in October it is much warmer here, so excited to live in civilization again. :) I hope you are enjoying the fall too.

    2. That's awesome! Moving is such a hassle but it is so much fun setting up a new space and warmer weather is always a plus! Glad things are going so well for you!