Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mountains & Indian Paintbrush

Last weekend Keenan and I drove up Morfee Mountain.  There is a service road right up to the top.  The mountain road is 10 minutes away from our house.  So we took a drive up to see all the wildflowers.  Indian Paintbrush is blooming in all it's glory right now.  We also found a little patch of snow that never melts... perhaps a mini glacier? There are larger patches still prevalent in the distant ridges and valleys. We found some lovely spruce cones that had dried sap on them that was so clear it looked like little crystals.... should have taken a close up picture.

We also paid a visit to our garden plot that day.  Keenan did some "first aid" on the wild and out of control peas that had collapsed the flimsy stakes and hemp line I had put in previously to hold them up.... next year its chicken wire for sure.

Oh yes by the way this is July, pants, jackets, and snow.... all things that are not unheard of in this part of the world in the "heat of the summer".  Luckily that was a week ago and I am back to sundresses and swimming in the lake. But it is probably still much colder at the top of Morfee Mountain.  The snow starts to fall in September up there.


  1. Your photographs are just beautiful! It's hard to imagine a place where you still have a little snow in summer -neat and depressing all at one haha

    1. Thanks Holly

      Yes its strange for sure that just a little drive away from my house where it is about 28 degrees today (celsius) I can find a patch of snow in the mountains.