Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mountain Lady Slipper

A few weeks ago Keenan and I were in Prince George and we found a lovely little park on a bluff over looking the Fraser River.  We went for a nice walk and on the way back somehow beneath all the Devil's Club leaves Keenan spotted a Mountain Lady Slipper Orchid!

A little secret I will tell you, Keenan and I are "plant geeks" and have a list of rare native plants we would like to find.  Sort of like a Botanists Bucket List.  So we were so excited as this rare orchid is one of the plants we have been hoping to find.  And the funny thing is it was such an unexpected place to see one.  On the way back up the trail I spotted another orchid with a 2 more flowers on it.

Do you know if you have any rare native plants growing where you live?


  1. I like your Botanist's Bucket List! I'm no good with plants or plant names. I can barely name popular flowers! The orchid you two managed to find is really cool. What is the name of this rare find? It's awesome that you were able to spot two of them! Exciting! Cross that one off your list. =0)

  2. I am certainly not a plant geek, but you might just have turned me into a budding tech geek! Cute graphic on your mountain lady slipper;-)

  3. What a cute flower, I'd never heard of it before! And love that you have a bucket list of plants. At our botanical garden they have a treasure hunt you can do, and have a list of plants with pictures to find. The place is huge and last time we only found about four of twenty (and that includes the koi fish they included as a cheat haha).