Friday, 21 June 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things

Happy Summer Solstice!  I look forward to this day every year as it is the longest day of the year and where I live it stays light out until about 11pm at night.  It's just getting dark now as I post this.

This is a quick collage I made of some things that I love from pictures I had on my computer that have been waiting patiently to be posted.  I have some exciting new posts in the works, but we are leaving to go out of a town for a week tomorrow and so this is what I have for today. We are heading south to Kamloops to visit family and hopefully do some camping.  Of course Pippa is coming with us, she loves road trips.  I'm looking forward to creating lots of posts about the trip when I get back.

Calypso bulbosa or Fairy Slipper Orchid a favorite of mine as you will know if you have seen my previous posts. A view of the ocean from East Sooke Park, one of my all time favourite parks. This one is located on the southern west coast of Vancouver Island, and my beloved Simba my cat from when I was a child that lives with my mom,
he is turning 16 and still going strong.   He has been in our lives since I was 12 years old!


  1. Have fun. Please don't tell my husband that cats can live 16+ years. I told him they're like goldfish & live one or two years at the most. I don't think he really believes me, but I don't see any point in ruining his denial.

  2. Hope you have a good time in Kamloops! Nothing better than camping with family :)

    Also, your childhood cat is adorable -love those stripped markings. My parents adopted a cat before me and my siblings were born. She lived to be 20 years old and passed away when I was around 16. She was so sweet!