Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Space Oddity by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield

This post does not have anything to do with illustration, but I felt I must make a post about this incredible video .

This is a video created by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield  He is actually singing the song Space Oddity by David Bowie on the International Space Station.  He posted this video today as it is his last day in space after a 5 month long mission.

 He is landing back on Earth tomorrow and I hope very much for his safe return. He has posted many other interesting and educational videos during this mission and he has been an inspiration worldwide.  I have to say I will never think of the Canadian Space Agency the same again.


  1. That video is so awesome! I love the photographs he posts on his twitter from space -so beautiful. (Plus Bowie is the bomb!)

  2. Are you on twitter? He was so wonderful on twitter -- approachable and funny and informative. He also got his nerd on a few times with Star Trek actors.

    I don't like Bowie, but that song was magic!