Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stonecrop, Lichen, & Moss

Today I had an inspiration to do a quick post on the smaller wonders of nature.  I feel that stone crops, lichens and moss are often over looked due to their small size.  However if you take the time to look closley you will discover a world of amazing  exotic colour and textures.  After I am finished my diploma I hope to find some time to dedicate to painting some of these lovely little plants.

I actually took these pictures a few years ago while out for a walk around the wooded area of the Sooke Pot Holes Park in Sooke BC, which is near Victoria.  As you can tell I am a little strapped for time in regards to creating new material to post. My deadline for SBA assignment 9 is looming ahead and the days are flying by!  I do have some very exciting new illustrations to post. As soon as I find the tine to edit and scan them I will post them.

For now I give you the exciting world Lichen and Moss.

Stonecrop is a native succulent plant on Vancouver Island.
This  one is known as Broad Leaved Stonecrop or Sedum spathulifolium.

 This is a type of club lichen, called Lipstick Cladonia or Cladonia macilenta.  The red portions of this lichen are the fruiting bodies.

Awned Hair Cap Moss or Polytrichum piliferum, (my guess, not 100% sure).  This moss happens to be in it's sporophyte stage and is stunning to look at in a large clump due to the bright orange stem it produces.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I haven't visited for awhile, because I kept going to (wrong!). I've missed many posts, but I just found you through another one of my faves (Book & Bird).
    The Stone Crop shown above is really cool! I also like the last photo of the moss. =0)
    I'd love to add your button to my fave blogs page. =0)

  2. I have several stonecrop plants growing in my yard. Though for the longest time I didn't know what it was called and just referred to as "the cool spongy plant from outerspace." Actually I think I still prefer that name.