Friday, 24 May 2013

Patterned Bird

Today I had a long wait at the auto shop for our truck to get new tires.  At last we have new summer tires, our old tires were getting a little sketchy in the rain.  Anyway I had to wait there for 2 hours, so I brought my pens and a sketchbook.  Lately I have been really interested in patterning and surface design.  I also really like drawing animals.  However I am so busy with my course I do not get much time to explore these creative areas right now.

However today I had a great time sitting there in the waiting room trying out all sorts of designs and patterns and creating my cute little birdie.  I have big plans for this to evolve into something more and incorporate my botanical art into it as well.  The patterning that I have been trying out is inspired by a method called Zentangling.  It is a newish art trend which involves learning all sorts of different patterns and incorporating them into a pattern or mandala on a square tile of paper. Many people now have different off shots of "tangling" with other sorts of shapes and subjects.  This is my first attempt and I am very excited to try more.  You can learn more about Zentangling at the official Zentangle web site.

Must get back to the drawing board and finish my strawberry illustration now!


  1. Aw love that little bird! I've seen people do that kind of design, mixing patterns digitally, and have always loved it. Can't wait to see more in this style.

    Did you change your header? It looks great!

    1. Hey Holly

      Thanks, I am glad you like my bird. Yes I am looking forward to doing more animals and incorporating my botanical paintings into the composition as well. YES I did change my header, I have been wanting to for a while. There is so much I want to do on my blog but I have to wait until I am finished my course before I really "dig in" :) Love what you have done with yours.

    2. I thought it was different! Love the font you chose.