Friday, 10 May 2013

Missing in Action

I cannot believe I have left posting for this long!  I have been snowed under with my current SBA assignment and have been working a lot.  I work on-call so sometimes I have lots of work and other times just a little.  It seems whenever I am particularly behind I get called in a lot.

I have changed my subject for my assignment to the heirloom strawberries instead of the Primula, more on that soon.

It is sunny out here and has been very warm.  It is the strangest thing when it is 24 degrees out but the lake is still frozen!

Indian Paintbrush in Mackenzie last June

A Fox at the gas station.... getting fed by a tourist..... NOT OK .  There is a reason they say "A fed bear is a dead bear" Wild animals are not meant to be fed  by humans it puts them in all sorts of danger. Photo from last June.

A train heading South through the Pine Pass of the Rocky Mountain Trench.  Another photo from last June.


  1. Gorgeous photographs! But I cannot believe someone would feed a fox -some people do not think about their actions at all! He is incredible to look at though, so different from the orange foxes in our area.