Friday, 26 April 2013

Primula Auricula

Now that I am back and unpacked, it is time to get back to my art.  Currently I am working on assignment 9 out of 12 for my SBA diploma course.  This assignment is to be a classical botanical illustration including magnifications and dissections. I have a month exactly until it is due, which seems like a long time though it is not really when you have to study a plant in this much detail.

The nurseries here are not very well stocked and are not even open for the season yet, so I bought some plants while in Victoria wrapped them up as carefully as I could and then drove them back home.  For a 1200 kilometre drive in the back of a pick up truck they faired alright.  I am known to change my mind numerous times until I settle on a subject, but I am quite certain at this point that the Primula auricula "Chehlais Blue" is the plant I am going to illustrate.

This is a sketchbook page with my first drawing of my Primula auricula  I also drew a Rhododendron and another variety of P. auriculaPrimula auricula is a close cousin to the common Primrose that often adorns planters and gardens this time of year.  I have made some notes on the anatomy of the plant as it will help me to stay scientifically accurate.

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  1. Wow, surprised the plants survived the ride! Can't wait to see more how the project develops.