Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Sketchbook & Beacon Hill Park

April is here, which means full on spring time for most and almost spring for some.  Either way we are getting close to warmer summer weather and that is a good thing in my world! I LOVE summer.

Lately I have been busy painting up a storm of spring things. I actually started this sketchbook page last April while I was visiting my family in Victoria.  I drew the Chocolate Lily in Beacon Hill Park in pen & ink.  I later added in the decorative lettering and then it sat for about a year until I recently picked it back up and finished off the page with these charming little painted additions.  This is the first time I have painted a butterfly and I have to say I had a blast doing it.  I felt like quite a rebel for using black paint, which is frowned upon in the world of botanical artists. Since plants are not truly black even the Tulip variety "Queen of the Night" is actually a very dark purple.  Anyway I felt rather reckless the day I painted this and used black watercolour paint and added a few primary colours to it to give it a little more depth.

I am looking forward to painting a whole collection of butterflies in a natural history style composition. Not sure when I will have time to complete that, but looking forward to working away at it in between assignment deadlines.

Marsh Violet, Song Thrush Egg, Painted Lady Butterfly, Cowslip Primula, Chocolate Lily

Here are some pictures I took last year while visiting the park. I used to live right next door to Beacon Hill Park when I lived in an apartment building downtown Victoria.  I do miss being able to walk out my door and explore the acres of lovely gardens they have in the park and surrounding areas. My favourite garden is the Rock Garden which was created and is maintained on a volunteer basis by the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society.  There are some very interesting and rare plants found in the rock garden.

Do you have a favourite park or garden that you like to visit? Leave a comment and tell me where you go to experience the beauty of nature.

Ornamental Cherry Tree Blossoms

Flowering Red Current

Western Trillium

Unknown variety of Dwarf Tulip (found in the Rock Garden)


White Fawn Lilies (found in the Rock Garden)


  1. These are really beautiful flowers. I recently visited the eden project in Cornwall, and all of their tulips are in bloom. So pretty :) x

    1. Thanks Niamh

      Glad you like my post, I would love to visit the Eden project sometime.

  2. Look at all the pretty flowers! So pretty. We haven't visited a really nice park or garden like that recently, so maybe it's time for a trip.
    And...If you call those sketches, you'd die of laughter if you say MY sketches! I'm looking forward to seeing your butterfly painting. =0)