Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Colours of Winter Part .2

Yes it is still snowing, I thought we might have entered "The Melting Season" early this year. However  Mother Nature had a really good chuckle about that.  We have probably had at least a fresh 2 feet of snow in the last week.  It hasn't snowed today so that may give the groomer time to groom the cross country ski trails. Cross country skiing is one of the things that keeps me sane throughout the long winter here.  I have an on going back injury that seems to have no resolve, so sometime I am not able to go out skiing or snowshoeing. However I did manage to go out a few times on the weekend and it was lovely.  It was nice to have some fresh air in between the frenzy of painting that I was committed to this past week.

I have just finished my latest assignment from the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma Course.  Boy was I glad to say goodbye to those Acorn Squash.  I never truly like my assignments when I finish them because I have been staring at them for days and have been scrutinizing every possible flaw or potential point off I will get. So I am still warming up to my squash right now and will try to work the courage up to post the painting later this week.   

I am now working on a painting of birch trees that is a commission for an art consulting company in the southern USA.  The birch trees are very popular in my Etsy Shop and are painted in a more impressionistic style than typical botanical painting.  

I see myself being a little more relaxed in my style for painting botanicals when I am finished my SBA course. Until then I will learn from the pros and try my best to make things as real as possible. As they say the best way is to learn is first in true realism and then develop your own style from what you have learned after. Vincent Van Gogh was classically trained and later developed his signature style that involved prominent brush strokes and choppier textures. Anyway I am thinking more of an Edith Holden sketchbook inspired approach when I am finished the course.

I am looking forward to finishing this birch tree painting and then having a little time to dabble around with various paintings for a few days before I start assignment 9.


  1. Although I prefer sun and warmth, I love the colours here.

  2. Wow, two feet! Crazy. We've mostly been getting flurries, doesn't accumulate much or winds up melting.

    And congrats on the commission! That's awesome, can't wait to see the painting when it's finished.

  3. Over Stayed Your Welcome Grey is my favourite because it captures my mood at this moment.

  4. Ha! I think that Over Stayed Your Welcome Grey is my new favourite colour. In Edmonton, we also have some lovely shades of greasy grey-browns. I'm not as creative as you, so I just snarkily refer to them as the Crude-Oil Greys.