Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mixing Subtle Shadow Colours

Today I am not feeling too productive.  I have a cold and do not feel well. Though I am lacking in focus and drive, I did manage to get a colour study completed.  Below is an assortment of lovely neutrals I mixed using French Ultramarine, French Ultramarine Violet, and a selection of various yellows, reds, and browns. I try never to use pre-made brown and grey pigments. Instead I like to mix my own out of different primary colours as I feel they look much more natural and interesting.

Today is supposed to be one of my days to get lots done on my Acorn Squash assignment, though I can  see myself crawling back into bed instead.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get more done. Colour mixing is really therapeutic so it is great activity to do when you do not feel well or are very stressed or over tired.

This brings me to my second point, Colour Therapy otherwise known as Chromotherapy .  In many parts of the world (including mine) snow still covers the earth with no glimpse of the fresh bright colours of spring. Many people suffer from a case of the "blues" or maybe even SAD during the long months of winter.  Even if you do not live where there is a lot of snow, chances are your area is cooler with more rain and grey days during the winter.

Colour Therapy is a great way to combat these seasonal set backs.  I personally find myself constantly drawn to the colour green and home decor schemes that have a lot of green and neutral colours incorporated into the palette.


  1. That's so cool you made these shades without the pre-made brown and grey! Such a pretty collection.

    And hope you feel better soon, everyone seems to be catching the cold lately :(

  2. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

  3. I am loving this palette you created. I love neutrals, and the little hints of greens and pinks in there are awesome!