Friday, 22 March 2013

Acorn Squash Painting

Oh joy it is Friday, I am so looking forward to the weekend!  I had a busy week with a few deadlines looming upon me.  I had to finish my SBA assignment 8, and also finish a commission for an original Birch tree painting.  Both had to be shipped out this week and now that it is done I am free as a bird, for a short time anyway.

Right now I am enjoying painting small studies of spring flowers, butterflies, and songbird eggs in my sketch book.  I have been wanting to paint these spring inspired subjects for a while, so it is hard when you must focus on a subject that is not exciting you as much. Acorn squash are great, but this time of year there are much more exciting things happening in nature, (unless you live in the "arctic") like I do. However I have been painting from pictures and pretending I am farther South. I do not actually live in the Arctic, however the Rocky Mountain Trench of northern BC gets a ton of snow and has a very long winter, followed by one week you could consider spring and then a short summer and fall.  Enough about the weather for now though.

Tere are some things I like about this squash trio and some things that didn't work out as I was hoping they would.  However I did feel that I learned a lot and can continue to improve on the next assignment.  The tiny speckles on the dark green squash and the green variegation on the orange squash were the most challenging things to capture.

For the remainder of my SBA course I get to study flowers, wild and cultivated, and species of my choice, so that is really inspiring.  I am also planning to fit in a few  personal paintings in before my next assignment is due.  I am going to update and revive my Etsy shop and really start to portray my personal style of illustration with the new paintings I have planned.  I dare not list what subjects I have chosen yet in case I cannot follow through in time.  I am going to do a little more sketch book work and then I will give everyone a sneak peak of what is coming up.  So far things are going well and you can expect a few natural history collection style paintings as well as some single species studies.

In my next post I will include a picture of my Birch tree painting and describe the method I use to achieve an impressionistic style.


  1. Love how textured the squash looks and the speckles, so realistic!

    And I agree, spring is really inspiring. I love photographing the plants as they start to grow and bloom. It's such a beauriful time of year!

    1. Thanks Holly.... yes I was trying to get the texture as best I could. But now I am so excited to be paintings spring things.

  2. Love those little squash! Your style is so pleasing, and perfect for this time of year!

    From one illustrator to another, beautiful work!

    Erin :)