Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Book & Bird, February Feature Blog

Book & Bird

If you have not noticed already I have a page for blogs I love.  On this page I list the blogs that I really like, which I feel are unique and authentic.  So I have decided to feature one of these blogs each month.  For my first feature blog I have chosen Book & Bird .

After starting my blog I realized one of the great things about blogging is meeting like minded people and sharing creativity and ideas with them.  One of the things I like best about Book & Bird is the clean look of the blog.  Recently the author, Holly has been trying out different looks for Book & Bird.  I really enjoying seeing all the different ideas she has come up with. One of my favourite posts is her Friday Fifteen .  This is a regular post she does with a curated collection of blogs, quotes, clothing and anything else that she is liking at the moment.

I also really like the little projects she posts, one of my favourites being The $5 Flower Jar .  This is a quick and easy craft.  It looks great and of course I love all crafts using up-cycled book pages.  A very fitting choice of material for Book & Bird.

She also loves cats, and occasional features them on her blog, like her most recent post about her rescue kitten Charlie's 1st Birthday.  All cat rescuers are automatically in my good books.



  1. Thanks so much for the feature Laura! So glad we found each others blogs :)

  2. Hi Laura, came across your blog and thought you would probably love my best friends blog, she rescued her cat Mary, (and she has rescued 3 chickens!)

    Lovely to have found your blog, loking forward to checking out more!